20 Layer Pass The Parcel

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20 Layer Pass The Parcel

Made by us, to save you time and hassle.


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Made by us, to save you time and hassle. A hand-made Pass The Parcel set filled with our unisex party bag fillers and other products in every layer. Layer 1: A Round Ball Puzzle Layer 2: A Rainbow Party Bubbles Tube Layer 3: A Mini Xylophone Layer 4: A Mini Animal Paint Set & Animal Notepad Layer 5: Mini Smiley Stickers & Mini Jungle Stickers Layer 6: A Set of 3 x Crayon Erasers Layer 7: A Large Squidgy Face Keyring Layer 8: A Pop - Up Pirate Game Layer 9: A Mini Snakes & Ladders Game Layer 10: A Mini 4 In a Row Set Layer 11: A Pair of Rocket Balloons Layer 12: A Fortune Teller Fish Layer 13: A Large Ladybird spinning Top Layer 14: An Animal Slide Puzzle Layer 15: A Mini Metal Springy Layer 16: A Wooden Farm / Zoo Animal Kit Layer 17: A Mini Play Clay Set Layer 18: A Smiley Pinball Game Layer 19: A Set of 4 x Small Coloured Pencil Layer 20: A Surprise Centre Parcels are made out of coloured unisex wrapping paper and Crêpe paper (colours may vary). Ages 5+.