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John Deere Fork Lift Truck

Tin truck with working fork lift, and cargo

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This tin toy is a replica of a John Deere fork lift truck.

This truck has 2 levers. One controls the fork whilst the other one controls the lift panels. The one which controls the fork, when wound, makes the fork go up and down via a chain. The lever which controls the lift panels or struts, when switched, moves the struts from a vertical position to a diagonal (The vertical is for approaching cargo or other objects and getting them on to the fork. The diagonal is for carrying the load whilst the truck is being driven).

Also included is a wooden 4cm x 3cm x 3cm cargo / freight box which can be used with or by the truck.

Scale= 1:25

Length 10.5cm, Width: 6cm, Height: 13cm approx.

Made by Kovap.

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